We aim to create sustainable buildings and ensure that we responsibly manage our impact on the environment and potential disruption to local communities. We also prioritise health and safety. 

Diamond Special Works has a fully integrated health & safety and environmental management system certified to BS EN ISO 14001 and OHSAS BS EN 18001 by BM Trada that underpins our culture of sustainable constructions during the delivery and life of our projects.

We reduce our waste and, where possible, reuse and recycle before responsibly disposing of waste materials. We are dedicated to ensuring that the materials we use are from a sustainable source and that our supply chain understands and shares the same commitment. 

The company regularly works on projects requiring BREEAM certification, which creates sustainable environments to enhance the well-being of people. 

We have dedicated personnel who work closely with members of the community and the construction teams, ensuring mutual understanding and respect for each party’s needs and interests. We actively encourage our employees to add value to the communities in which we work through local initiatives and fundraising activities. 

We register our sites with the Considerate Construction Scheme which monitors our operations against a robust code of practice, considering the environment, the community and safety. 

A large proportion of the doors we replace, if not required by the residents, are gifted to local organisations so they can be re-purposed and re-used. 

Health & Safety


A first-class health and safety record is supported by the award, accreditation and inclusion of the British Standard for the Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Scheme, or BS: OHSAS 18001, which is fast becoming the prerequisite for working in occupied premises.

Our Operations Director, Reuben Hayes, who has 20 years’ experience in the construction industry, overlooks the health and safety in project and delivery from risk assessment and method statements to full notifiable works.

We have fully trained site supervisors who take responsibility in ensuring a safe working environment and that all the correct procedures have taken place. 

In addition, all our staff receive training in health and safety within different areas of the construction industry.



‘Investors In People’ underpins the working culture at the Diamond Build Group of companies. The principles form an important part of all our policies and procedures and underpins everything we do. Good communication, people and performance management, employee suggestions and staff satisfaction surveys all form part of our inclusive approach. 

We pride ourselves on making people an important part of our business and in developing everyone to meet their full potential as well as making the company a place where people come to work. 

Diamond Special Works is highly committed to training and developing all staff in order to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of all recourses and to achieve its planned business goals.


The aim is to improve the performance of the business, by ensuring that everyone has the right and opportunity to develop his or her knowledge, skills and competences as required to discharge their role. 




Diamond Special Works take an active role in the community, both in the communities we help protect and the communities where we operate. 

Diamond Special Works has been working in London’s communities for 18 years, backed by Diamond Build Group plc, which was established in 1978. 

We believe that the concerns, needs and aspirations of residents and end-users should receive our highest level of care and attention when working within their homes, schools, places of work, and specialised settings such as hospital and care centres.


We are committed to continuous improvement in customer care. We are members of Language Line, a community initiative which enables us to provide the best service for our customers whose command of English impedes genuine two-way conversation. This affirms our commitment to best practice.

Diamond Special Works employs skilled resident liaison officers who are not only multilingual but can communicate effectively through writing and sign. We offer community engagement meetings and fully cater for our resident liaison meetings.